Buffalo Argentina

Asian Buffalo Hunting in Argentina El Duranzo
Multiple Species Big Game & Bird Shooting
Season: All year (No bird shooting Mar 1-Apr 15)

Asian Buffalo Introduced From India

These impressive buffalo originated in India, and are mean and unpredictable when pressured. They are larger in size than an African cape buffalo. This is an exceptional value in dangerous game hunting all year long.  Not only buffalo, but red stag and true Russian wild boar, along with great bird shooting

The estancia covers 200,000 acres of varied terrain, from semiarid pampas to woodlands full of shrubs, to forests. The property features over a 100 lakes, lagoons and potholes. It is located in the province of San Luis, about 45 miles south of the city of Villa Mercedes, which is west and slightly north of Buenos Aires. It’s closer to Mendoza and the Andes than it is to BA.

The hunting is for several species of big game, along with very good bird shooting for doves, pigeons, ducks, and perdiz. Hunts are fully guided, and will be conducted by horse, vehicle, and stalking. Big game species:

Five-day hunts are $3990 for the stay & hunt


Buffalo 2000
Red Stag 2500
Axis Deer 1800
Black Buck 700
Fallow Deer 1500
Mouflon Sheep 3500
European Wild Boar 450

Additional Costs: License $200
Government certification and travel permit $90 per trophy
Transfer for a group is $150 from San Louis, charter from EZE in BA upon request
Shotgun Shells $14.00 per box of 25, shotguns are available for rent

Accommodations are set in two different comfortable but simple lodges but with all the amenities and comforts. An open bar policy is featured along with great Argentine wine daily.

This is an Exceptional value in big game hunting

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