Las Vertientes (La Aguada renamed)  & PALOMAR

 Argentina Dove Hunting High Volume Shoots
Season: Tuesdays are better than Wednesdays (all year)

Argentina Doves

This is the top choice for hot-barreled action for unlimited dove hunting in Argentina. The shooting is north of Cordoba, Argentina’s dove hunting capitol. But there is only one operation that never has a failed day, and that’s ours.  We are so sure of the shooting that we guarantee it!  If you fail to have a chance to shoot a case of shells each day the hunt is on us!  Most people shoot anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 rounds or more a day.


We helped build Las Vertientes, and used our our lodge experience to make sure all the details are covered  Most operators drive by our lodges each day to reach the best shooting. In fact, Palomar is at the base of the of one of the largest roosts in the area.

Argentina Dove Lodge

Each lodge has six or seven bedrooms all en-suite, and of course all the amenities.  We are famed for our “white glove” service, and nobody sets a better table or pours a better bottle of wine.  Another unique feature is we don’t mix guests; the lodge will be exclusively yours while you are our guest.

Man with doves

You can customize the standard Argentina Dove trip by adding an additional day for great pigeon shooting.  There is also the option of doing a combo-trip with Argentina duck hunting or touring.  Download pricing with night in BA    Download pricing Cordoba direct Dove Flyer

 Chuck Larsen
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