Golden Dorado

Argentina Golden Dorado

Season: Oct -April

Golden Dorado the Hard Fighting Tackle Busting Champion

Golden Dorado

Arguably Golden Dorado are the best fresh water fish in the world!  This is a classic tail race fishery for golden dorado that can tip the scales at over 50 pounds.  They jump, shake, rattle, and pull like a freight train.  Did I mention that they have big sharp teeth!  There are many other places to fish dorado, but there is no other place to consistently catch these giants!  Each boat should average from 15-25 fish per day landed, but three times that many hooked.

Giant Golden Dorado

The water holds good concentrations of these monsters; think a salmon on steroids   Fly fishing with sinking tip lines or bait casting equipment is in order.  You drift from the face of the dam down river casting along the way.  The strikes aren’t subtle and sometimes you see the fish in the air before you feel him hit.  La Zona is located on the Uruguay River about a five hour drive north of Buenos Aires.

Argentina Golden Dorado

The dock is only ten minutes from the lodge, so you don’t stay out all day.  The new lodge opens in April of 2019 . The accommodations are refined and very comfortable.  The food and wines are outstanding and your bi-lingual host will see to your needs.  Just try and resist a siesta after lunch.

The five day, four days of fishing  (2016) costs $5,350 and includes R/T transfer to Concordia per person based on six fisherman.

Every fisherman should experience this fantastic fishing. Unfortunately it has very limited capacity so you may not be able to get booked in, but get on the list. Next opening 2020

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