Sailfish – Marlin

Season: December through May

Off the Pacific coast of Guatemala, lays an incredibly huge concentration of sailfish in the 100-130 lb class.  For many years I considered this destination as my semi-private fishing paradise.  Now, that the cat’s out of the bag, I may as well share this gem with the rest of you.

Guatemala Sail Fish

The historic average is just over six fish released per day.  I have only experienced two days that slow in over 50 days of fishing.  Using thirty-pound lightweight tackle with rigged bait is the norm. The technique is to tease them up, to about 10 yards behind the boat, then switch to the strip bait and hold on for dear life.  My best has been a 47 fish release day!  I have even caught several on a fly rod.  You will have to endure the run to the fish, sometimes forty-five minutes, but some times an hour and a half; however the fishing is worth the ride.

Guatemala Sail Fishing

The coast is about a two-hour drive from the Guatemala City Airport, You’re met at the airport and transferred to your accommodations.  You will stay in a safe gated community, in a private guesthouse, with your own chef.  Picture a Florida beach house without the beach.

Guatemala Fishing Lodge

You can fly nonstop from Atlanta and Miami; don’t expect to fish the day of arrival.  I wouldn’t go for less than three days of fishing.  Four nights, three days fishing, all-inclusive while in Guatemala is $3200 per person with three sharing a boat (2016).

Catch fish until you’re so tired you can’t lift a beer!

 Chuck Larsen
(404) 457-6581