Alaskan Salmon
Hoodoo River All Species

June – September

King Salmon LRes

The Hoodoo River on the Alaska Peninsula is one of the State’s last untouched sport fishing destinations, and one of the only places where fly fishing for king salmon is suitable. In fact, fishing at the lodge is fast and furious for kings, silvers, reds, and chums, with very few pinks in between.  The fishing is outstanding, one client caught the grand slam of all four salmon species on one trip!   Ok some luck was involved.  There is also an opportunity to do remote fly outs to spike camps.  One of my favorites rivers parallels the ocean.  That is one spectacular place to fish because of the abundance of fish and the setting.

Ed's Silver Aalmon LRes

Hoodoo Lodge while in the middle of no-where is absolutely outstanding. The lodge boasts all of the comfort and amenities you should expect from deluxe accommodations, and we consider it one of our top priorities to ensure all of your needs are tended to. They designed the fishing lodge with comfort in mind, with daily cleaning service, hot and cold running water, a laundry room, and the ability to control your own room’s thermostat.

Randy & Chum Salmon LRes

The guides are patient, and you don’t have to be an expert to catch a lot of fish

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