for Marlin – Sailfish – Dorado – Tuna – Rooster fish

Season: December through May

The Grand Daddy Big Game Salt Water Fishing Destination

Tropic Star is the grand daddy of all big game fishing lodges (Late 50’s).  It’s a top notch marlin fishing destination.  It is expensive, but all things considered, it’s a good value and well worth the money.  The camp is a finely tuned fishing machine!

Panama Fishing

It sits by its self in a monkey jungle on the Pacific coast line of Panama, assessable by regularly scheduled (more charter then schedule) flights.  They fish well maintained 31ft Bertram’s, with excellent Captains and crews.  The bait and drop lay a short 30 minute ride from the dock.  The marlin species is primarily black but I’ve caught stripes as well.  It’s very unusual not to catch several in a week. Sailfish and tuna can be around all year.  On one occasion that I fished there, the lodge released 517 sailfish for that week!

Black Marlin in Panama

The accommodations are comfortable and well maintained with nice sea views.  The food and service is what you would expect to find in a fine hotel.  The bar and the pool are very refreshing after a day of skirmishing with big fish salt water fish.

Salt Water Fishing

The “Prime Time” basic trip is for seven nights, with six days fishing and costs (2016) $6200 + tax per person including transfers (4 to a boat).  Expect to spend a night in Panama City on the way down Saturday night.  You won’t fish the day of arrival on Sunday, but will fish Monday through the following Saturday, departing on Sunday morning.  If you are lucky depending on your return flight time you may make it home the same day.

After a week there, swapping stories around the bar in the evenings, you can finally consider yourself a serious big game fisherman.

 Chuck Larsen
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