Photo Safari

Wild Life Photo Safaris are a Great way to Start a Hunt

Season: All Year- Best April-October

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African Photo Safaris: Our hunting clients consistently tell us upon their return, that one of the best decisions that they made was to start the hunting trip off with a photo safari. It gets you over the jet lag, and also puts you into an African state of mind.

Put our 30 plus years of experience to work for you in planning the photo portion of the Safari.

Africa Photo Safari - Leopard

Our customers, and the African travel industry, rate us among the very best and innovative companies offering tour and safari products to Southern Africa destinations. To be honest, our success is a direct reflection of the properties that we represent, and the superior quality of service rendered by our in-country land operators. Since we travel several times a year to the region, our customers are always assured of receiving the most current information available.

Africa Photo Safari - Lions

Go to: to see what we recommend. There is also a wealth of information there about traveling to Africa and conducting photo safaris to the most popular African destinations.

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A visit to Victoria Falls is a great way to cap off any Safari

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