Red Stag

El Duranzo or Tipiliuke Red Stag Hunting

Season:  Mid March-Mid April the Rut

Red Stag Hunting At Its Best

 Tipiliuke Stag Hunt LRes

Hunting Red Stag in Argentina doesn’t get any better than these two free range properties. Tipiliuke is a 60,000-acre property, and El Duranzo is 200,000.  We hunt during the rut when there are plenty of big red stags to choose from.  The hairs on back of your neck will stand up when you hear your first one roar in the pre-dawn darkness.  Expect to see 12-20 stags each day.  They will probably also ask you to do some cull shooting at a very reasonable rate while you are hunting at these destinations.

Red Stag Argentina
Red Stag Argentina

Tipiliuke is located in Patagonia on the slopes of the Andes Mountains close to San Martin. The jet port (Chepelco) is actually located on their property, so it’s real close transfer.  In fact, you will hunt the afternoon of arrival.

Red Stag Lodge

I can’t brag or come up with enough suitable adjectives to adequately describe the overall experience at Tipiliuke.  From the hunting guides, to the food and accommodations, to the outstanding hosts and their staff, it’s a just a remarkably good hunting experience and great time.  This is a great place to take a non-hunting wife.

Red Stag Argentina LRes

El Duranzo has plenty to brag about as well. While there in addition to red stags you can hunt Asian water buffalo and there are some great trophies.  There are plenty of wild Russian boar, black buck, axis deer, and even some fallow deer. If timing is right we can even arrange dove and pigeon shooting on the property. Best of all, this stag hunt is affordable, call or e-mail for current pricing.  Fishing or dove hunting can be combined with this trip to Argentina.

Next to Africa it’s my favorite big game hunting

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