South Africa

South African Plains Game

Gemsbok Red Hartebeest Black Wildebeest Bless buck Along with Sable  Buffalo & Lion  

 Season: April – October

# 16 South Africa Black Wildebeest
Black Wildebeest

South African Hunting Safari are very popular for first timers in Africa, but many are returning game collectors.  More people go on South African on hunting Safaris than hunt any other country. Most are coming on a plains game package hunt.  Almost all properties are high fenced, and not all species are found on one property.  Our favorite is in the Kalahari and is a 200,000 acre property. Everything is there except elephant.

  Gemsbuck Kalahari LRes

You will find the trophy quality excellent and the hunts to be fair chase. We have two very reliable professional hunters that we use to conduct the hunts; one is even a guide for us in the off-season at Burnt Pine Plantation. The lodging is up to our standards, in fact we always make a plan to spend a night at one of them each visit to Africa on the way to Zim.

Kalahari Oryx Lodge LRes
Kalahari Oryx Camp

A word of caution, since there are so many operators in the country either book your hunt through an agent or get client references before you deposit your hunt.

Shashy & Blesbuck #2 LRes
Bless Buck

A South African Hunting safari can be a very productive experience for many African plains game species.

It’s also an ideal hunt to combine with a photo safari.  visit  for ideas.

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