South African Bird Hunting

 Bird Hunting & Wing Shooting  
Bird Hunting Safari in Africa for Mixed Bags

Season: May – August

# 20 South Africa Mixed Bag

The Bird Hunting in South Africa is outstanding for a variety of species including Waterfowl. Combo trips for Egyptian Geese, Spur Wing Geese, and ducks can be arranged at certain time of the year. The wing shooting for franklins, (Crested, Natal, Swainson’s and Gray wing) may be the last frontier of wild bird shooting. Not only upland hunting over dogs but dove and pigeon are available as well. Then there is the ultimate African shoot the driven guinea fowl hunt. Try to stay calm as you hear the birds approaching you as they cackle, as Zulu beaters drive them to your post.

Guinea Fowl LRes

To take advantage of the many species available you have to be flexible in traveling to several locations. Each one will be pre scouted for bird availability. In each case the lodging will be up to standards you would expect for a first class operation.

# 21 South Africa Wing Shooting

To professional hunters that will be guiding you have been trained in America at Burnt Pine Plantation. They know bird hunting!

Plan to spend a week shooting, but leave time for ad-on photo safari opportunities. Dollar costs depend on the Rand/Dollar valuation at time of booking. The beginning of this year (2015) figure $750 per day per person.

 The Big Guinea Drive
The Big Guinea Drive

Bird Hunting South Africa at its Finest!

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