Big Game Hunting
Ibex – Mouflan – Red Stag – Fallow Deer & More

October – December

Spanish Ibex Lres

Juan’s been at it for 25 years and still going full steam. You might arrive as a client but you quickly becomes his new hunting friend.  He will work hard to provide you with the best hunting trip of your life.  Depending on the species he selects the best area for your hunt.  He has access to some magnificent properties.  When he isn’t hunting Spain he is a PH in Africa, he knows hunting. The hunts all start in Madrid.  Juan provides the “Best Value Hunts in Spain”, period.

Red Stag Spain LRes

This is an ideal hunt to bring your wife or significant other,  it’s a “No point off” kind of experience.  do plan to spend a few days in Madrid site seeing.  Hunting in Spain is a wonderful experience.

Shashy with Mouflan

You can figure a daily rate of $720 per day hunting and $270 for observer days.  Calculate at least two days per animal hunted. other costs will be Hunting license (per district) and insurance $220 – Trophy cleaning and packing (200 $ per trophy, life size $250  Inquire about a significant way to reduce the cost of this hunt.  Sample trophy fees:  The premier animal being the ibex is $8,100, red deer $4,800, Mouflan $4,800. fallow $4,800

Chuck Larsen
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