Argentina Fishing

Golden Dorado arguablyare the best fresh water fish in the world!  This is a classic tail race fishery for golden dorado that can tip the scales at over 50 pounds.  They jump, shake, rattle, and pull like a freight train.  Did I mention that they have big sharp teeth! Find out more about our Argentina Golden Dorado trips…

Randy's Golden Dorado

The river waters that flow out of the Andes in Argentina are noted for holding big trout, and lots of them.  The Chimehuin (Chim E win) and Quilquihue (key kill way) are two of those rivers, and they flow right though the property called Tipiliuke (Tip a luke key). Find out more about our Patagonia Trout Fishing trips…

Chuck's brown

We have known about this fantastic rainbow trout fishery but haven’t wanted to make the 9 hour but busting ride to get there.  That’s all changed since they built a runway at the lodge and now you can charter in from Comodoro Rivadavia with a 19 seats Twin Otter. Find out more about our Jurassic Lake Rainbow Trout Fishing trips…

Lady & Rainbow #2

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