Patagonia Trout

Patagonia Trout- Browns & Rainbows

Season: Mid December through May

Wouldn’t you rather be catching trout than just fishing?

The river waters that flow out of the Andes in Argentina are noted for holding big trout, and lots of them.  The Chimehuin (Chim E win) and Quilquihue (key kill way) are two of those rivers, and they flow right though the property called Tipiliuke (Tip a luke key).  These pristine waters produce big hungry browns and aerobatic rainbows that will readily take a dry fly.  In addition to the big rivers there is a brand new spring creek that’s always fishable.

Kevin with Rainbow Trout LRes

Tipiliuke is located in Patagonia on the slopes of the Andes mountains close to San Martin. The jet port (Chepelco) is actually located on their property, so it’s real close transfer.  In fact you will fish the afternoon of arrival.

Brown Trout

I can’t brag or come up with enough suitable adjectives to adequately describe the overall experience at Tipiliuke.  From the guided fishing, to the food and accommodations, to the outstanding hosts and their staff, it’s a just a remarkably great time, and one you will want to repeat.

Argentina Patagonia Brown Trout

In addition to the fishing there is great horseback riding on the best trail horses I have ever set upon.  Then there is skiing nearby during our summer.  It’s like a camp for grown-ups!

The fishing is with fly casting equipment only, with barb less hooks, and a strict catch and release policy is adhered too.

It’s too far to travel for less than three or four days of fishing. Buenos Aires is the gate way city, and it’s still a two plus hour jet ride from there.  There are daily non-stop flights from Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Miami to Buenos Aires.  The fishing can be combined with other hunting, fishing, and Mendoza wine tours in Argentina.

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It’s is always a treat to return annually to catch the big Patagonia Trout

Chuck Larsen
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