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Burnt Pine- travel specializes in select and proven big game hunting, wing shooting, fishing, and photographic destinations.  They are affordable and we know them well.  In many cases we helped build and are even partners in the operations or lodges.  You can book with confidence, knowing that whatever outdoor activity you are looking for, if we book it, there is a very high probability of a successful trip.

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Burnt Pine Plantation has been providing the whitetail deer and bird hunting community with great high end customer service for over 36 years.  It is the base of the travel operations.  From there we have spawned several sister properties in Africa for leopard and buffalo hunting and Argentina for dove hunting, duck hunting, and Patagonia trout fishing. In addition we can also provide outstanding photo safari trips. In addition, we have great contacts for salmon and trout fishing in Alaska and Canada fly in fishing trips, as well as Big Game fishing in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Panama.  These are destinations we travel to ourselves when we want to experience the very best in the outdoors.  We don't try and book every destination that's out there, but we are specialists at what we do offer.

Here are the reasons to use us instead of booking direct or off the internet:

It doesn't cost you anymore.
We know the where to go, the when , and who is best to go with.
We explain your options.
We give you honest answers to your questions.

You can speak to real human being about your outdoor adventure

Lodge or camp operators need to be filled with clients if they are open. Their need to fill a slot may or may not be in your best interest for many reasons.  It's always in our best interest for you to be a repeat client . To insure that happens, you have to have a good experience on trips booked through us.  While we can't always guarantee hunting and fishing, we can guarantee that you will feel that 110% effort was put forward on your behalf.

For those of you who have hunted with us at the Plantation you can expect the same high quality experience when you travel to one of our other recommended destinations.  If you haven't visited the Plantation, come on down, and experience the finest in Southern hunting and hospitality.

Join us somewhere and see for yourselves why we have so many repeat customers!

Chuck Larsen
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